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Pricing & Plans


Covers a 14 day Itinerary in Botswana

50% off vehicle breakdown recovery (vehicle towing or transport)

50% off vehicle recovery from deep sand, mud or water

Donation to Road Safety awareness 


Silver Membership


Covers a 14 day Itinerary in Botswana

Free vehicle breakdown recovery (vehicle towing or transport)

Free off vehicle recovery from deep sand, mud or water

Free delivery of battery, alternator, radiator or tyres to member.

Free Minor mechanical repairs and issues on site

50% off vehicle repatriation fees

Donation to Road Safety awareness 


Gold Membership

Recycled Paper

Contact us directly for more information

Covers multiple vehicles

Based on Gold Membership terms

Fleet Membership

Most popular
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Membership is per trip and per registered vehicle. Multiple drivers are permitted.

Our membership is open all 4x4 off-road drivers in Botswana (4x4 hire car customers, self-drive, mobile tourism operators, Botswana Residents and Citizens.

By Joining our membership scheme, either Gold or Silver members are covered for any necessary off-road assistance or vehicle emergencies throughout Northern Botswana.   view map

The Member is directly linked with the number of days your vehicle is hired for E.g. for a 2 week trip the membership would be for this period.


Additional Services

Okavango Air Rescue


For an additional P175 per person per year, you can be covered for immediate medical assistance and evacuation from where ever you are in Northern Botswana.


24/7 medical emergency assistance and rescue

Okavango air rescue
  1. See geographical coverage. 

  2. To find out more about mid to long-term membership rates, please contact 4x4 Bush Warrior directly.

  3. This does not include spare parts.

  4. To Johannesburg, South Africa. 

  5. Vehicle recovery costs typically vary between BWP6,000 - BWP15,000.

  6. It is not transferable to other cars within the group, members of the group must all be registered with separate payments.

  7. 4x4 Bush Warrior will donate 1% of each membership to North West District Road Safety awareness charity. 


Tracking Service

Garmin logo white.png

The KiT

Clients can purchase or hire a Garmin In-Reach unit.


We can do real time monitoring of customers when they check in at each location or if they experience a problem.


The In-Reach send the exact GPS co-ordinates to 4x4 Bush Warrior with a brief message from the user.


The In-Reach allows two way communication via text message and is much cheaper to buy and use than a conventional satellite phone


The tracking system helps find any customers in need more quickly and it gives customers a sense of security during their trip.

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